• Merrill Milson

Pheasant Season Opening Day

The grounds of the Oconto Sportsmen’s Club were stocked well in anticipation of pheasant season’s opening day. The club raised hundreds of pheasants throughout the summer, from day-old chicks; and while it released many of its matured hens and roosters for opening day, the club still has hundreds of birds left for releasing throughout the season. Several dedicated club members helped raise the birds, but it is Byron who deserves major credit for his constant care of the flock and the overall success of this year’s program. Plenty of hunters, and their dogs, showed up on opening day to have their shot at bringing down some of the club’s big, beautiful roosters.

The condition of the club’s hunting land and the weather affected opening day. The water level is high compared to previous years, and hunters had to negotiate their way along while traveling to the outskirts of the property. Hunters also had the weather to contend with, as blizzard-like snow conditions that surprised everyone for a couple of hours in mid-day. Sunshine was seen in the afternoon, but chilly temps, rain, and high winds persisted for much of the day. Inside the clubhouse, hunters could find warmth, food, drink, and good company. One large Nesco was loaded with delicious chili and another one was full of cooked pheasant in a white mushroom sauce, both dishes served as a welcomed treat for those who decided to trot inside for a break. Even with the unusual weather, at the end of the day, seasoned hunters enjoyed their outdoor fun and managed to take home some tasty birds - along with their wet, cold, happy dogs.

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