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  • Merrill Milson

A Job Well Done

For many years a sand point well provided water for the clubhouse. The water was stinky and dirty and it did not provide enough pressure to meet the club’s growing needs. This past summer, the club approved a motion to have a well drilled and employed Weslow Pump and Drill to drill it. The well was drilled in August. Suitable water was found at a depth of 282 feet. On the first Saturday in October, the well pump was installed and the lines were run from the well to the club house and to the pheasant pen.

Many of the club’s members showed up to help during the installation. The well pipe was first prepared for hooking up the lines, and plenty of digging was done in order to run two main water lines, one line to the inside of the clubhouse, and another to the outside edge of the pheasant run.

The installation of the well pump and running the water lines was a big job and a great step forward for the operations of the clubhouse. Special thanks to Carl Liegeois owner of Carlie’s Landscaping and Excavating, Ron Filz of Filz Plumbing and Rick B. for donating their time and expertise.

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