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  • Tammy Denruyter

History of Youth Outdoor Day

One day two childhood friends were talking when the subject came up about youths and hunting. One of those friends had become a hunter safety instructor while the other friend had taken a young boy under his wing to go pheasant hunting. They had been looking at various ideas for children and had done some traveling to various venues throughout the state.

At one of the venues they seen an exhibit from Pheasants Forever that allowed for various clubs to access a trailer that offered different things from air rifles to shot guns that introduced youth to the experience of hunting.

They both sat down and spoke with the representative and got information and then proceeded to explore avenues that would allow this to happen. They approached the Oconto Sportsman Club about this idea and the club members felt that this would be a good idea for the community.

The two friends started the process of getting together the loan of the trailer and a date. However, they realized that they could incorporate a few things that the trailer did not have. They realized that club offered water which then would allow fishing and canoeing to one of the options that they could introduce the youth to.

They were able to get help to start this annual event from people inside the club as well as people that attended that first year to participate in following years. They offer a tractor and trailer ride as well as trap shooting, fishing, canoeing, and a few other things throughout the day. They provide a small lunch for people coming as well as some local radio broadcasting of the event.

The event is held the last Saturday of August each year and offer the people that attend to enjoy a day with their children and the exploration of the youth to the world of outside adventures. Through a few raffles over the past years to donations from local people and organizations have allowed this event to grow a bit each year.

From the locals that assist for the day to the people that attend the event it is a fun day to spend outside as a family. To think this event all started in the minds of two childhood friends with visions of sharing their love of outside activities and the forethought to realize that not every child has the experience that they have been afforded.

A big THANK YOU to everyone that for the past 5 years has made this event something that people look forward to and in the hopes that it can continue for many years to come.

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