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  • Merrill Milson

Pheasant Blinder Day 2018

On Sunday, July 22, a group of dedicated club members placed blinders on the young pheasants, which were diligently raised by the club. The blinders are an important part of making sure the birds don't hurt (and eat) each other, while sharing their environment together. Club members planted and grew nutritional plants for the pheasants to eat while in their attached pheasant run. After the blinders were fitted, the birds were released from their growing pens into the outdoor pheasant run, where the birds found plenty fresh air and food to eat. The club will raise over 600 pheasants to adulthood, then release them intermittently throughout the hunting season. Some birds will be released during Youth Outdoor Day on Saturday, August 25th. This release is always much enjoyed by the day's attendees.

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