Becoming a new member is easy!  Annual membership dues are only $10. To join, come to a monthly meeting, typically held on the second Monday of every month at 6pm; or stop out at the clubhouse most Thursday nights between 3 and 5pm and talk with any officer.  The club welcomes men and women to join.  All members are encouraged to attend meetings, help maintain the land we own, volunteer for worthy causes, and inspire new ideas for growth.

Your membership dues and the donation of your time help the club maintain its lands and give back to the community.  We plant crops to help support wildlife and burn areas to promote new vegetation growth. The club keeps its community involvement high, by donating financial contributions and our members' time to many local organizations and charitable causes. We provide an annual scholarship donation to a local student selected by Oconto Senior High School, who plans to pursue natural science. The club sponsors a group of our members who are certified to teach Hunters Safety Education at our clubhouse and we give an Oconto Sportsmen’s Club Logo cap to every individual that completes the course.  We hold community events put on by members, volunteers, and associates.  Your dues and volunteered time will help support our projects and programs, and they are greatly appreciated.

Become a member of the Oconto Sportsmen's Club and have fun with people who care about the same things you do - the outdoors, outdoor recreational activities, and the community.

Just $10 to Join Up,
You'll Be Glad You Did!