The Oconto Sportsmen’s Club was founded in 1929 and is built on the principles of wildlife management. The club owns over 1000 acres of land, stretching from the end of Fifth Street to the Bay of Green Bay.  The land owned by the club is open to the public.  The land contains wetlands, woodlands, and croplands.  Most of the land is wetland, consisting of old river channels, small bays, sloughs, potholes, and marshy bay shoreline.

About Us

There are approximately 100 acres of woodland throughout the land with oak, aspen, birch, maple, evergreens, and much alder, willow brush, and willow trees.  There is also cropland worked up in the spring that is suitable for corn, buckwheat, sorghum, seed crops, and grasses.  Crops are used to feed the pheasant in the fall and wildlife throughout the year such as deer, ducks, geese, turkey, partridge, rabbit, crow, as well as many non-game animals such as raccoon and opossum.

We manage the lands so that all may enjoy fishing, hunting, dog walking, picnicking, and wildlife viewing. Club members cut brush and maintain paths for ease of walking.  The club typically raises pheasant for stocking throughout the area.  Along with wildlife management, the club is actively involved in sponsoring team events, donating to local schools charities and community organizations, and occasionally we host Hunters Safety courses.  Future projects include tree planting, marsh slough planting with wild rice and water plants, maintaining the river banks, annual pheasant raising and releasing, and constructing a shooting range for firearms.

The success of the Oconto Sportsmen's Club is a product of the support of its members, business partners, and people living in the community.  The club's land provides enjoyment for all, and with it the club continues its proud Oconto heritage.